Information for Religious Persons

Religious people may visit the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ near Terminal F, the chapel of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker in Terminal E of Sheremetyevo International Airport.

Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ

Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is located near Terminal F.

On 8th of May, 2001 there was a short church service for the beginning of construction activities. On the same day, one year later the constructed cathedral was consecrated by Bishop Vladimir Divakov, the Administrative Office Head of the Moscow Patriarchy. The church designed in old Russian style is located in the settlement Voskresenki, in the Moscow region, where there used to be a chapel which was destroyed ruined in the 30’s.

The rector, Father Michael, performs wedding ceremonies, christenings, short church services and other church sacraments and religious services.

Working hours: daily, from 8:00 until 20:00.
On Fridays at 14:00 — the rite of blessing the water, at 14:30 — requiem service.
The senior priest of church — Michael Fedin, the priest.
Tel.: +7 (495) 961-38-18.

Chapel of Nicholas the Miracle Worker

Located on the second floor in the transit area from the Railway Terminal AeroExpress into Terminal E.

Nicholas the Miracle Worker is one of the most honoured saints of Russia. Traditionally, he is regarded to be the patron of all travellers.

The chapel was consecrated on 7th of December, 2010 in Sheremetyevo in Terminal E by Bishop Aleksandr Dmitrovskiy, in the presence of Father Michael, the rector of the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ.

“Sheremetyevo International Airport takes an active part in the revival of original Russian tradition, when at each passenger station, near all junctions and crossroads of the main streets, there were places where a person could calm his / her soul”, said Bishop Aleksandr Dmitrovskiy during the consecration.

Working hours: daily, from 8:00 until 18:00.

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