Sheremetyevo launched a Telegram bot-informer about the flight status

Bot-informer is around the clock ready to answer the requests of passengers in Russian and English.

To subscribe to the account, you need to go to Telegram, type @Sheremetyevo_bot in the top line and press the search key. The icon @Sheremetyevo_bot is shawn in the form of the airport logo.

After entering the city of destination, the Sheremetyevo bot will be able to provide the list of flights for departure and arrival for the next six hours as quickly as possible. In addition to the flight number, the message indicates the airline, service terminal, time of departure or arrival and the status of the flight. The search starts when you enter a message from three letters (Cyrillic or Latin), for example, Ber (Berlin), St. (St. Petersburg), New (New York), or the digital part of the flight number (the airline code should not be specified).

To sign up for changes in the status of the flight, the bot will ask you to provide the flight number and click “tracking” under the flight announcement. Further, referring by name, @Sheremetyevo_bot will inform the user about all the statuses of the flight (opening and closing of check-in process, start and end of boarding, departure and arrival time, delay or cancellation).

From the account with the Sheremetyevo bot user can directly go to the mobile application (App Store, Play Market) or to the airport site by the link.