Attention! Information fo Bulgaria Air passengers departing to Burgas on Monday, June 26

Bulgaria Air delayed flights to Bourgas on June 26, 2017:

FB 656. Planned departure time on 16:10 (Local time). Delayed until 05:10 (Local time) 27.06.17

FB 652. Planned departure time 16:40 (Local time). Delayed until 17:20 (Local time) 06.27.17

FB 672. Planned departure time 18:15 (Local time). Delayed until 00:30 (Local time) 06.27.17

FB 664. Planned departure time 22:55 (Local time). Delayed until 11:30 (Local time) 06.27.17

Please check your departure time in advance and arrive at the airport for three hours prior departure. To clarify the time of departure please contact Call-center +7 (495) 578 65 65, use the website, Sheremetyevo free mobile app or bot on the Telegram messenger (@Sheremetyevo_bot). For further information please contact Bulgaria Air. Airline apologizes for the inconvenience.