Sheremetyevo International Airport has been recognized as Europe’s best airport in the 25-40 million-passenger category and has become one of the world’s top-10 best airports

Based on 2016 results and according to the published results of the ASQ (Airport Service Quality) research program of the Airports Council International (ACI), Sheremetyevo International Airport is first in passenger service quality.

Sheremetyevo International Airport also was ninth among the top-10 best airports with turnover of 25-40 million passengers per year. The Russian airport has thus entered the prestigious league of the world’s best airports in its category.

Sheremetyevo International Airport has confirmed its status as Europe’s best airport for service for the fifth time. This is also an unprecedented feat for Russian airports.

JSC SIA CEO Mikhail Vasilenko noted: “Leadership in ASQ rating for Sheremetyevo confirms that we are working in the correct direction and are moving efficiently towards our goals. The competition among airports for quality is becoming more extreme every year. This means that we must constantly be developing the infrastructure in order to reinforce our leading positions in Europe and globally. But our most important task in developing here is to ensure a high level of quality and standards of various services. This is the core priority for the JSC SIA long-term development program and the essence of our work for the welfare of the passengers and clients.”

The ASQ is the only universal passenger polling program on the day of their airport travel. The program surveys 600,000 passengers every year in 41 languages in 84 countries. It determines the opinion of passengers on 34 key performance indicators, including affordability, registration, security inspection, bathrooms, stores and restaurants, and airport ambience. The best air terminals were thus determined by the passengers themselves.

All airports use a single survey that forms a single database for the airport industry to further compare with other global airports. The ASQ program also promotes an exchange of leading experience among airport operators.

Sheremetyevo International Airport has implemented a number of innovative projects in recent years to improve passenger service quality, create a barrier-free environment, introduce new services and technologies, and improve the efficiency of business processes. This year, the priority of Sheremetyevo International Airport is construction of new facilities, Terminal B, for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, an inter-terminal passage, a modern cargo complex and refueling complex.

Sheremetyevo International Airport combines smoothly the growing cargo loads and construction of a new infrastructure with a high quality of passenger service, creating a friendly atmosphere for all categories of passengers and clients.

The best airport for passenger flow and the region of Europe

2-5 million passengers per year

5-15 million passengers per year

15-25 million passengers per year

25-40 million passengers per year

Over 40 million passengers per year

Sochi Airport

Porto Airport

Vienna Airport

Sheremetyevo International Airport

London Heathrow Airport

The ASQ Program gives awards to those airports the services of which were rated the highest during the year by their clients. The categories were defined to acknowledge the achievements of airports of varying size and in different regions. The ASQ awards ceremony will be held at the 27th Annual ACI/Africa World General Assembly, Conference & Exhibition iШереметьево (admin)n Port Louis, Mauritius, October 16-18, 2017.

To read more detailed information about the ASQ 2016 results, visit the website:

Sheremetyevo International Airport is Russia’s largest airport in volumes of passenger and cargo handling, runway operations and area of the terminal complex. Sheremetyevo routes cover over 200 destinations.

Sheremetyevo International Airport was Europe’s best airport for service quality in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016 in the ASQ (Airport Service Quality) and ACI (Airports Council International) rating.

Based on 2016 results, Sheremetyevo International Airport was elevated to the category of the world’s largest airports according to rating by the prestigious British agency OAG (over 20 mln departure scheduled seats per year). Sheremetyevo International Airport became the most punctual European airport in this category (83.5% punctuality) and was seventh in the OAG global punctuality rating.

Airports Council International is a global airport industry association that was founded in 1991 to stimulate cooperation between its member airports and other partners in global aviation, including ICAO, IATO and CANSO. ACI represents the interests of airports at the key phases of policy development and contributes significantly to ensuring a safe, efficient and environmentally stable global air transport system.

Airport Service Quality (ASQ) includes 34 key areas of performance and 8 primary categories, such as access, registration, safety, airport equipment, eateries and retail trade, and much more. All the participating airports use the same questionnaires with standard list of questions, which allows the participants to track and analyze their results, as well as the results of surveys of other participating airports throughout the world. All the participating airports can view confidentially the ASQ survey results of all other participating airports.

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