Press releases

21 November

Sheremetyevo Airport shared its best practices in business processes and service quality management with industry community

17 November

Sheremetyevo Airport is making summer schedule for 2014

14 November

Sheremetyevo Airport provided services to almost 25 million passengers since the beginning of the year

24 October

Sheremetyevo Airport is ready for the 2013/2014 winter season — news, records, and technical outfit

24 October

Sheremetyevo Airport and the XXI Century Company — TV launch public telephone service

23 October

Sheremetyevo Airport included in the Europe’s Top 10 Family Friendly Airports

16 October

Sheremetyevo Airport served 22.4 million passengers since the start of the year

02 October

Procedure to select investor for Northern Terminal Complex development was held at Sheremetyevo. TPS Avia Group’s offer was recognized best by selection board.

02 September

Sheremetyevo Airport announces the possibility to additionally accept applications from the investors for the Northern Terminal Complex development project

16 August

Sheremetyevo Has Handled 16.5 Million Passengers since the Turn of the Year

05 August

Sheremetyevo Airport develops groundbreaking Guidelines for Recording On-Time Flight Statistics Main provisions of the document will eventually become industry-wide standards

23 July

Sheremetyevo has become the largest airport in Russia in terms of international passenger traffic in the first half a year

18 June

Sheremetyevo is now the largest airport in Russia in terms of international passenger traffic

14 June

Sheremetyevo — the best airport in Europe in terms of service quality The solemn ceremony of winners award Airport Service Quality Awards

07 June

Sheremetyevo Airport — Green Environment

29 May

Sheremetyevo Airport opened Lost & Found Office in Terminal E

29 May

Sheremetyevo Airport opens capsule hotel in Terminal E

23 May

Sheremetyevo International Airport serviced 8 million passengers in the first four months of 2013

30 April

Sheremetyevo welcomes the first Italian low-cost carrier Air One

19 April

Sheremetyevo Airport provides services to 5 million 791 thousand passengers in Q1

02 April

Sheremetyevo Airport and Air Astana connect Moscow and Atyrau

28 March

Sheremetyevo Airport to broaden its flight geography, providing services to more than 6 million passengers travelling to tourist destinations

12 March

Sheremetyevo International Airport is the best European airport in passenger service quality

14 February

In January Sheremetyevo Airport Provided Services to Circa 2 Mln Passengers

31 January

Sheremetyevo Airport Announces a Change in the Turn Pattern on Mezhdunarodnoye Shosse, 5th Kilometer

25 January

In 2012, Sheremetyevo Airport provided services to more than 26 mln passengers with 90% flight punctuality

10 January

Sheremetyevo Airport names the “punctuality champions” among airlines

09 January

During the winter holiday season, Sheremetyevo Airport provided high quality service to more than 1 million passengers and ensured a high level of flight punctuality