Press releases

22 December

Sheremetyevo International Airport Presented a New Business Aviation Terminal

16 December

A Decision is Taken on the Reorganization of JSC Sheremetyevo International Airport through the Acquisition of JSC Terminal

15 December

By the End of the Year, Sheremetyevo will Serve 22 million Passengers

14 December

Sheremetyevo and Kaspersky Lab Implement Project for Comprehensive IT-Protection of the Airport

08 December

Sheremetyevo’s Legal Department was Named the Best in the Russian Transportation Industry

05 December

T-Systems and Sheremetyevo Launch a Real Estate Management Project Unparalleled in the Russian Airport Business

02 December

Sheremetyevo Modernizes its Call Center

26 November

Sheremetyevo Opens the Airport Operation Center

17 November

We are 20 million, and will be more! Sheremetyevo Airport has for the first time received more than 20 million passengers since the beginning of the year

16 November

Sheremetyevo is the world’s first to offer Skype registration for flights

11 November

Since the Beginning of the Year Sheremetyevo Has Accepted More Than 19 Million Passengers

27 October

Sheremetyevo shifts for winter schedule of flights

24 October

Sheremetyevo introduced a service for registration to Air France and KLM flights via the mobile phone

20 October

Sheremetyevo implemented an automatic system of positioning of motor vehicles on the apron

20 October

Sheremetyevo confirmed its readiness for operation in the winter period

12 October

Sheremetyevo demonstrates stable increase of operation performance indicators since the beginning of the year

06 October

Sheremetyevo Airport opened the first in Russia rest room for airline passengers with the limited capabilities due to health

03 October

Moscow — Marseilles: opening of direct flights from Sheremetyevo Airport

03 October

Staff for passengers of “Avianova” airline is organized in Sheremetyevo Airport

14 September

Sheremetyevo Airport serviced approximately 15 mln of passengers over the period from January to August

15 August

Sheremetyevo Airport preserved a leadership by growth rates in IAU and in 7 months serviced 12 mln 392 thousands of passengers

11 August

Sheremetyevo Airport — 52 years of work for passengers

11 August

Sheremetyevo Airport gained more than 4 bln of rubles in the half-year period

08 August

Sheremetyevo Airport by estimates of passengers is one of the best airports of Europe

20 July

Judicial police officers will help passengers to dismantle with debts and alimony in Sheremetyevo Airport

18 July

Sheremetyevo Airport confirmed a Program of innovation development of the airport for the period until 2015

15 July

Turkish Airlines” airline transferred all its flights to the Terminal E of Sheremetyevo Airport

12 July

Sheremetyevo Airport in the Ist half-year period serviced about 10 millions of passengers

04 July

Sheremetyevo Airport has renewed the daily operating record on the serviced passengers and takeoff and landing operations

23 June

Festival of journeys in Sheremetyevo Airport is a possibility to see the whole world in one day!

22 June

“Tatarstan” airline and Sheremetyevo Airport join Moscow with popular health resorts

14 June

Sheremetyevo Airport ensures the anticipating growth rates to air companies

14 June

Sheremetyevo Airport ensures the anticipating growth rates to air companies

25 May

Sheremetyevo Airport enlarges the presence in social networks Microblog of Sheremetyevo Airport is opened on the Twitter platform

23 May

Sheremetyevo starts to build the largest cargo-terminal in East Europe.

17 May

Sheremetyevo Airport demonstrates the confident increase of the passenger flow

16 May

The Day of Slovenia at the Sheremetyevo Airport

13 May

ADRIA AIRWAYS The Airline of Slovenia

27 April

Sheremetyevo Airport summed up the results of financial activity in 2010

26 April

Sheremetyevo Airport opened the room of mother and child in the sterile zone of Terminal E

21 April

Sheremetyevo Airport has organized the first aviation conference regarding the improvement of service quality in the airports

21 April

Sukhoi Superjet 100 Commercial Flight Completed, Plane Landed in Sheremetyevo

18 April

Dear passengers and guests of Sheremetyevo International Airport

13 April

Sheremetyevo Airport showed the largest increase of the passenger flow among the airports of Moscow in the first quarter

11 April

Vladivostok Airport to Get an International Managing Company

08 April

Vladivostok Airport to Get an International Managing Company

01 April

Sheremetyevo Airport for the first time entered into three best airports in the Eastern Europe

22 March

Sheremetyevo and Royal Air Maroc open the first regular direct flight from Russia to Morocco

14 March

Sheremetyevo becomes Russian-biggest airport upon month results in February Sheremetyevo retains its leadership in Europe in terms of growth in January among the airports, which service over 15 mln. passengers

04 March

Sheremetyevo Becomes Europe’s Leader in Passenger Traffic Growth and One of Three Leaders in Service Quality

01 March

Sheremetyevo Becomes Europe’s Leader in Passenger Traffic Growth and One of Three Leaders in Service Quality

15 February

Sheremetyevo International Airport Passenger Traffic up 20.5% in January 2011

14 February

Sheremetyevo Airport Website Introduces Online Version of Customs Declaration Form

10 February

Sheremetyevo introduces 3D biometric security system

02 February

Sheremetyevo International Airport has announced due to increased security regime at the airport several entrances to the terminals are temporarily closed for entry and exit of passengers:

25 January

Sheremetyevo Steps Up Flight and Passenger Security Measures

25 January

Dear passengers and guests!

19 January

In 2010 Sheremetyevo Posts New Record, Transports 19.329.000 Passengers

12 January

Sheremetyevo International Airport Serves about 900 000 People during New Year’s Holidays