Sheremetyevo International Airport Launches Walkway between Terminals D and E

On November 2, 2010 Sheremetyevo International Airport launched a walkway between the terminals D and E uniting the clear zones of the terminals D, E, F. Thus, Sheremetyevo International Airport has accomplished the integration of three terminals and a railway station of Aeroexpress into one Southern Airport Complex.

The walkways between the clear zones of the terminal ensure the most comfortable conditions for the passengers traveling by transit flights. From now on, the passengers will need much less time to get from one terminal to another. The length of the recently-opened walkway between the terminal D and E is 70 m and the passage from Terminal F to E which was opened in July is 20 m.

The Duty free at Southern Airport Complex is one o the largest in Eastern Europe. Its total area is about 11 300 sq m. After the integration of terminals is completed the passengers have obtained more opportunities to spend quality time while waiting for the flight.