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Mother-and-child room

+7 926 533-21-57, ext. 5869

3rd floor, room 3.126

The Mother-and-child room in Terminal C is located on the 3rd floor, room 3.126 (it is possible to reach the 3rd floor using the lift or walk up the stairs). The rooms are equipped with two bedrooms, toilet rooms with the baby-changing tables, the shower and kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with feeding and storage of products including a refrigerator, microwave oven, electric kettle, dining table and chairs. A play station with toys and entertainment complexes are available for children in order to enjoy their time before the flight.

Visitors are assisted by qualified personnel.

To visit the Mother-and-child room passengers should have passports, tickets and health certificates for a child (available at the Medical Centre of the airport in Terminal C, F, D). Maximum time of visit is 24 hours (during peak hours it can be reduced to 3-4 hours). Mother-and-child room is intended for outbound passengers with children under 7 years old.

The Mother-and-child room services are free of charge.