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First aid

First aid stations of terminals of Sheremetyevo International Airport are provided with all the necessary equipment for providing first aid.

Passengers can be given qualified first aid in case of minor ailment or exacerbation of acute chronic disease. Specialists at first aid stations will advise passengers on medical contraindications while using airline services.

First aid station in Terminal B
 the 1nd floor, the left wing
+7 (926) 244-63-01

First aid station in Terminal D
 the 2nd floor, the right wing, room No. Г42415
+7 (495) 578-03-31, +7 (926) 244-48-24

First aid station in Terminal E
arrivals area
+7 (495) 578-02-82, +7 (926) 244-49-65

First aid station in Terminal F
 the 1st floor, the left wing, room No. 1.48
+7 (495) 578-78-38,+7 (926) 244-48-53

First aid stations operate 24 hours

+7 (926) 244-63-01