Passenger services Information Departure


Services for passengers departing from Sheremetyevo International Airport on international flights are rendered at Terminal E (SVO-E), Terminal F (SVO-F) and Terminal D (SVO-D) of Sheremetyevo International Airport. Please check out your flight departure terminal in advance.

Dear passengers,

Check-in and luggage handling for international flights at Sheremetyevo International Airport starts 2 hours and finishes 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Check-in start and termination time may be changed upon mutual agreement between the airport’s and airline’s representatives. Please find out more specific information on check-in start and termination time from your carrier.

For easy identification of your baggage, we would recommend that you print out and fill in a name baggage tag and place it inside your bag.

  • Entering a terminal, you should proceed to passengers and baggage entrance security point for safety reasons.

The security points are equipped with X-ray endoscopes as well as stationary and hand-held metal detectors. Inspection procedure is performed by staff of Sheremetyevo International Airport Paramilitary Security Service holding standard certificates (ID). Officers of the Line Internal Affairs Department (LIAD) are responsible for enforcement of public order at the terminals and for proceedings concerning items detected in the course of baggage screening which are subject to regulations restricting their circulation within the Russian Federation.

  • All information concerning the flights is available on the displays in the terminals.
  • If you depart from Terminal E and you do not need to fill in a customs declaration according to the Russian Federation Customs Code, please proceed to the check-in area and then to the customs control area (Green Channel).
  • Passengers departing from Terminal E who must fill in a customs declaration according to the Russian Federation Customs Code should proceed to the customs control area (Red Channel), where they fill in a customs declaration at a customs declaration desk and then proceed to the check-in area.
  • If you depart from Terminal F, and according to the Russian Federation Customs Code you do not need to fill in a customs declaration, you should proceed to the customs control area (Green Channel) and then to the check-in area.
  • Passengers departing from Terminals F who according to the Russian Federation Customs Code must fill in a customs declaration should proceed to the customs control area (Red Channel), where they fill in a customs declaration at a customs declaration desk and then proceed to the check-in area.

Declaration procedure shall be carried out at the customs line prior to check-in, border control and preflight inspection. Customs clearance and control of goods moved across the state frontier of the Russian Federation shall be the responsibility of customs officials according to applicable customs regulations and laws of the Russian Federation.

First class, business class, and economy class passengers check in at different check-in counters. The terminals are equipped with superior comfort lounges specifically designated for first class and business class passengers. Apart from first class and business class passengers, the lounges can be used by Golden card holders. You can receive an invitation to the superior comfort lounge when checking in.
Passengers with e-tickets departing from Terminal E and Terminal F may choose the Self Service Check-In option. Self Service Check-In Booths are located in front of the check-in area prior to customs control. Passengers may check in online beforehand.

Please consult your airline for information on ticket check-in and baggage handling procedures for OJSC Aeroflot – Russian Airlines flights.

  • At a check-in counter, please show your ticket and passport. Passengers with an e-ticket are only required to show their passport (or other ID). At a check-in counter please show all the luggage that you are going to take with you on board, regardless of whether it is to be transported in the cabin or in the baggage compartment. After check-in and luggage handling procedures, a passenger receives a boarding card and baggage tags.

If the number of seats, weight or size of your luggage exceeds the class-specific value set for free transportation, you will be required to pay a fee for extra weight. A controller will advise you on the location of the office where you can pay for any excess baggage. Upon payment for the excess baggage, please return to the check-in counter and obtain your boarding card and baggage tags. We would recommend that you read beforehand baggage transportation rules available on website of your airline.

  • Thereafter, please proceed to passport control . Passport control at Sheremetyevo International Airport is carried out by the Border Control Service officers of the Federal Security Service of Russia in accordance with applicable laws of the Russian Federation.
  • After passport control, please proceed to special control.
  • Afterwards, please proceed to the holding area where you can find a variety of restaurants and cafes, duty free shops, newspaper and souvenir booths, as well as superior comfort lounges for high-status passengers.
  • Please proceed to the gate specified on your boarding card 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure time and by the boarding time specified on your boarding card. Boarding the aircraft begins upon the announcement of boarding through the public announcement system. The announcement will specify the carrier, flight number, destination and boarding gate. Announcements are made in the Russian and English languages by the Airport personnel.

Passengers requiring special services (individuals in need of medical assistance, physically challenged individuals, and unaccompanied minors) shall board first before the boarding of the other passengers.

Each receiving country may have its own visa and passport regulations concerning the country entrance and transfer. Therefore, please make sure you have obtained the official information on travel documents requirements (passport, visa) at the consulate of the country you are going to.

We would strongly recommend that you learn about the departure terminal, traffic regulations of your airline, especially baggage transportation rules, as well as the check-in procedure when purchasing the ticket or confirming the booking. You can find all this information on website of your airline.

Have a good flight!