Passenger services Information Arrival


  • Passengers arriving at Sheremetyevo Airport are taken to the terminal building by apron buses or via jet bridge.
  • Passengers are guided to the buses by a welcoming agent. Welcoming personnel will advise you on security precautions in case of poor weather conditions.

Transit passengers should consult Transit section.

  • Once in the terminal, please proceed to the arrival hall following the signs, and then proceed to passport control and immigration control.
  • Proceed to the desks in front of the passport control line to fill in an immigration card.
  • An airport officer in the passport control area will help you to fill in your immigration card.
  • After passport control proceed to baggage claim area. Baggage from arriving flights is delivered by means of belt conveyor systems. You may find information about which belt conveyor is to deliver your baggage on the overhead conveyor display panels. Over-sized baggage is delivered separately.

In case you have not received your luggage, or found it damaged, please proceed to the Lost and Found counter (before the arrival area exit). Our baggage search controller will help you to fill in a form.

You can obtain unclaimed and lost baggage as well as baggage sent in addition at temporary storage warehouses and luggage storage rooms of Sheremetyevo Airport terminals.

  • After reception of your luggage, please proceed to customs control.
  • After customs control (having filled in customs declarations and paid all customs fees, if any), proceed to the concourse.

In some cases, a shift supervisor of the control department of the Line Internal Affairs Department (LIAD) may request your luggage for post-flight inspection.

Post-flight inspection helps to prevent and intercept smuggling and distribution of weapons, ammunition, drugs, and explosive devices, as well as explosive, toxic and other substances as well as items of high hazard and illegal nature, primarily from crime-prone regions. Inspection shall be carried out in accordance with the RF Law No. 1026-1 On Militia, dated 18.04.1991.

Post-flight inspection of passengers and luggage, including any items held or worn by the passengers, shall be carried out at specifically designated inspection points by the Aviation Security Directorate officers in the presence of Sheremetyevo LIAD officers, including dog service personnel, properly trained and certified, and dogs, as well as authorized officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, if required. The post-flight inspection point is located after the customs control line.