to Moscow:00:00, 00:30, 05:00, 06:00

from Moscow:00:00, 00:30, 05:30, 06:00

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Flight information
scheduledairline codeflightdestinationterminalstatus
23:35AF4909Air FranceKrasnodarDboarding is over
23:35AZ4370AlitaliaKazanDlanded at 23:27
23:35JU7034Air SerbiaKazanDlanded at 23:27
23:35JU8804Air SerbiaKrasnodarDboarding is over
23:35KL2901KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesKrasnodarDboarding is over
23:35KL3253KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesKazanDlanded at 23:27
23:35SU1112AeroflotKrasnodarDboarding is over
23:35SU1195AeroflotKazanDlanded at 23:27
23:40AF1144Air FranceParisE
23:40AF9722Air FranceYerevanDboarding is over
23:40KL2954KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesYerevanDboarding is over
23:40SU1866AeroflotYerevanDboarding is over
23:40SU2123AeroflotHeraklionDlanded at 23:44
23:45AF4954Air FranceTyumenDboarding
23:45KL2884KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesTyumenDboarding
23:45KL2921KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesN.NovgorodDlanded at 23:33
23:45N4179Nordwind AirlinesChelyabinskDboarding is over
23:45SU1341AeroflotN.NovgorodDlanded at 23:33
58,93 Pub.

Press releases

Sheremetyevo Airport and B&N Bank launch a co-brand card SVO club Mastercard

Today, July 17, 2017, Sheremetyevo International Airport and B&N Bank officially launched a joint SVO club card based on the Mastercard international payment system. This is currently Russia’s only loyalty program of such type between the largest airport and a federal bank that allows passengers and guests to enjoy a host of privileges and bonuses.

Quality, stability and passenger satisfaction, today and tomorrow

Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport is Russia’s leading airport and ranks among the major European hubs in terms of passenger traffic, number of flight operations, cargo volumes and area of the complex. Development projects and the FIFA World Cup point to a promising 2018.