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Airline tickets

Flight information
scheduledairline codeflightdestinationterminalstatus
11:25DL1011Delta Air LinesNew YorkDlanded at 10:59
11:25SU103AeroflotNew YorkDlanded at 10:59
11:30AF4961Air FranceUfaDlanded at 11:16
11:30AZ5642AlitaliaUfaDlanded at 11:16
11:30AZ7017AlitaliaRomeDboarding is over
11:30KL3267KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesUfaDlanded at 11:16
11:30SU1231AeroflotUfaDlanded at 11:16
11:30SU1806AeroflotKievDboarding is over
11:30SU2406AeroflotRomeDboarding is over
11:35SU2152AeroflotDusseldorfDboarding is over
11:40DL8182Delta Air LinesSt.PetersburgDboarding is over
11:40SU016AeroflotSt.PetersburgDboarding is over
11:40SU2318AeroflotBerlinDboarding is over
11:45AF4855Air FranceParisDboarding is over
11:45SU1255AeroflotNizhnekamskDlanded at 11:31
11:45SU2462AeroflotParisDboarding is over
11:55AF4896Air FranceEkaterinburgDboarding
11:55DL8184Delta Air LinesEkaterinburgDboarding
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Moscow, 18 April, Saturday, 11:44
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Press releases

Aeroflot selects Moscow Cargo terminal

In January 2015 “Aeroflot-Russian Airlines” has announced a tender for cargo ground handling provider selecting at Sheremetyevo Airport.

Mikhail Vasilenko, Sheremetyevo Airport Director General, Presents the Development Plan for the Airport’s Northern Terminal Complex

Today, 7 April 2015, a press conference was held by Mikhail Vasilenko, Director General of Sheremetyevo International Airport. The event took place at “Ryumka” (“Shot glass”) arrivals pavilion and became the concluding point in the history of Terminal B (previously known as Sheremetyevo-1).