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Flight information
scheduledairline codeflightdestinationterminalstatus
06:50AF4902Air FranceEkaterinburgDdeparted
06:50IR5130Iran AirTehranFlanded at 06:45
06:50KL3200KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesEkaterinburgDdeparted
06:50SU2500AeroflotMadridDboarding is over
06:50SU513AeroflotTehranFlanded at 06:45
06:50UX3286Air EuropaMadridDboarding is over
06:55KQ3502Kenya AirwaysDubaiElanded at 06:51
06:55SU1937AeroflotKaragandaDlanded at 06:36
06:55SU525AeroflotDubaiElanded at 06:51
06:55SV6031DubaiElanded at 06:51
07:00AF4423Air FranceNovosibirskDlanded at 06:54
07:00AF4936Air FrancePermDboarding is over
07:00AZ3949AlitaliaNovosibirskDlanded at 06:54
07:00KL3207KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesNovosibirskDlanded at 06:54
07:00KL3258KLM—Royal Dutch AirlinesPermDboarding is over
07:00SU1200AeroflotPermDboarding is over
07:00SU1549AeroflotNovosibirskDlanded at 06:54
07:00SU1647AeroflotNizhnevartovskDexpected at 07:00
07:05SU1633AeroflotSimferopolDlanded at 06:56
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Press releases

Sheremetyevo and Ellinair have opened a new airlift to Greece

Sheremetyevo International Airport and the airline Ellinair (Greece) have opened a new direction Moscow — Thessaloniki — Moscow. The first regular flight from Thessaloniki was performed by the airline today, July 22, 2015. The scheduled time of arrival at Sheremetyevo airport — 12.55 MSK.

Sheremetyevo has presented to the public a series of art photographs of pilots and stewardesses from around the world

Sheremetyevo International Airport has opened a photo exhibition “Sheremetyevo is an airport of the world”. The exhibition, placed in the public area of Terminal F (2nd floor), includes photos from the airport’s anniversary calendar for 2015. The exhibition will be open around the clock for the passengers and the visitors of the airport till 30 September.